X-Men: First Class Review…

So it turns out that Fox didn’t bother to put any food on, not even a themed Kevin Bacon sandwich like I hoped for. After waiting an hour for the film to start X-Men gets off to a promising start. The story follows young Magneto (Fassbender) and Prof X (McAvoy), as they deal with their ‘mutations’ during childhood and into later life. Magneto’s being filled with torment and abuse, whilst Xavier’s filled with education, books, posh Britishness and stuff. Embargo prevents from revealing much else so the redacted review is below…

X-men is a _____ movie.

It’s probably the ______ out of all four X-Men films.

Kevin Bacon is a ______.

James McAvoy and Fassbender are ______ as Xavier and Magneto, particularly Fassbender.

January Jones has massive _____, I didn’t realise they were so big!

There is a brilliant cameo by ________ as _______ but he doesn’t get his claws into much.

Fox, put on some food next time, you _____s

I give it __ out of 5 Bacons